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Heydouga 4037-PPV394 Gokin girl Mako other Oshikko big picture book Part 13 The FINAL


uploaded 10/8/2018









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エロ動画 Yes, as usual, Chisuma. The work that will be the 2nd term last ② is the 13th series of the series "Oshikko Kagaku Kannai" that I kept waiting long. Moreover, it is The FINAL. It is Corre, it is serious. Looking back, 10 years ago, when "Gachin Girl!" Started, it was planned to differentiate it from other companies' works, Oshikkar draws an arc quite dramatically from the urethra of Mako who opened the pack Mr., naming it was "big urination". This project suddenly followed the development of "Mankore", "Magione", "THE KANCHOOOOO !!!!!!" afterwards. The Psychic series can be said to be the starting point of 'Gokin'! That will be the final in this work. Although it seems likely to put out a new Oshikko series or the movie even if it says that it is a good business warfax, even if it says the final and the last, I will not feel like making an omnibus work as much as this work ever again. The first stage star "Eve chan", "Akina Chan", "Kanon chan", "Asaka Chan" and others undisclosed psychedelic, the second stage star "Rin Chan Zhang", "Haruka Chan", "Karen "," Saori Chan "," Mako chan "and others unpublished psycho, totaling 40 people 40 shots. As a bonus track, 11 volunteers of 11 "Great Pissing Special 2017. Midsummer G1" already published in the 1st monthly movie were added, and a total of 51 people with 51 large volumes. Watch this and die! ! Someone may say .... Well, I enjoyed this work like this, next time, it is the final second term ... はい、どもども、ちむ兄です。2期ラスト②となる作品は、随分お待たせしたシリーズ「オシッコ大図鑑」の第13弾であります。しかも、The FINALであります。コレ、マジであります。振り返れば10年前、「ガチん娘!」が始動した当時、他社作品との差別化を図るため企画されたのが、パックリ開いたおマ○コの尿道からオシッコが思いっきり弧を描いて出る様、名付けて”大放尿”でした。この企画が当たり、以後の「マンコレ」、「マジオナ」、「THE KANCHOOOOOO!!!!!!」へと発展していったのです。オシッコシリーズは、中出しと並び「ガチん娘!」の原点と言えるでしょう。それが、本作でファイナルとなります。商売上手なワタクシのこと、ファイナルやラストとうたっても、また新オシッコシリーズだとかザ・ムービーだとかを出しそうなものですが、もう二度と本作ほどのオムニバス作品をつくれる気がしません。1期のスターである”イヴちゃん”、”明菜チャン”、”カノンちゃん”、”あさかチャン”らの未公開オシッコ、2期のスターである”菜々緒チャン”、”遥香チャン”、”カレンちゃん”、”沙織チャン”、”眞子ちゃん”らの未公開オシッコで計40名40発。ボーナストラックとして、1期の

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